An American expert called the Russian robot tanks “revolutionary weapon”

An American expert called the Russian robot tanks “revolutionary weapon”

Russia is far from its competitors in terms of developing robotic systems “Uran” this development could radically change the balance of forces in military conflicts in the future. This opinion on the pages of the journal The National Interest was expressed by an American columnist Eugene Chow.


According to him, the Russian complexes had already passed the test of combat, in particular, the complex “Uran-6” and “U-9” proved to be good in Syria. For example, “Uranium-6”, as reported in the Ministry of defense was involved during the clearance of the streets of Palmyra, which helped to save hundreds of lives among the civilian population. Robotic complex “U-9” with powerful weapons, according to the columnist, also has been successfully tested in Syria.

As RIA Novosti reported, China and the USA are also trying to develop similar robotic tanks, however, most of these countries are spending power to address the shortcomings of their projects and evaluating their capabilities.

“In terms of technology era of unmanned tanks has already begun, the only question is how the armies of the world will dispose of them. Russia has tested them before all, and its steps can have serious consequences for other countries”, — said the expert at the end of the article.

Earlier media reported about the new development of the Turkish military. They created an underwater drone that is disguised as a Stingray that can come close to enemy ships and destroy them.