The Russians owed 38 million rubles of its own father

The Russians owed 38 million rubles of its own father

A resident of St. Petersburg owes almost 38 million rubles to his father, the press service of the city Department of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) of Russia.

Parent, 35-year-old debtor appealed to the court, but he “voluntarily execute the court decision was in no hurry”. Then the bailiff has restricted his right of travel outside of Russia.

Since movable and immovable property are indebted to the St Petersburg were not available, police officers waited until his Bank account will appear a positive balance, and written down the required amount in several installments. In addition, the borrower was ordered to pay 2.4 million rubles performing collection.

What was spent engaged his father’s money and where the debtor acquired the necessary amount is not reported.

In 2017, the Federal bailiff service has written off the Russians 2.2 trillion rubles of bad debts. Compared to year 2016, this amount increased to 300 million is explained by increased lending and a decline in real income last year.