Love is evil: what influences the choice of sexual partner

Love is evil: what influences the choice of sexual partner

MOSCOW, may 10 — RIA Novosti, Alfia Enikeeva. Ideals of male and female beauty are very different in different people. It concerns and shapes, and facial features. However, the anthropologist, some idea of what beauty is universal.

Woman solves all

Dark skin protects Africans from dangerous ultraviolet radiation, and the proportions of the figure have chunky representatives of the peoples of the North help keep warm. These signs were fixed during adaptation of human populations to the environment. From this point of view, beard or forehead useless, but may play a role in the process of sexual selection.

Scientists believe that in ancient times the Caucasian women were attracted to the vegetation on the male face, and Mongoloid — no. So today, Asians are the most beardless.

In General, women are very picky when choosing a partner. According to studies, they appreciate the consistency, hard work and masculinity. In addition, the image of the ideal man according to anthropological characteristics, generally consistent with the racial or ethnic group, which belongs to a woman.

Men, on the contrary, dream about girls, not very similar to their tribeswoman. In addition, the perfect woman must be a bit like a child: snub nose, full lips, light pigmentation, thin oval face.

However, there are exceptions: thus, representatives of the Yali tribe in Papua New Guinea prefer women with more dark skin tone. And for men from the Namibian himba tribe beautiful woman — first of all, tall and strong, because this will work better.

Their own and othersRussian anthropologist Natalia Khaldeeva notes that people choose similar in appearance to their partners, because in prehistoric times our ancestors used the morphological features of the face as a warning system and thus is different from “their” from dangerous strangers.

Indeed, according to several studies, people of one race is very difficult to understand what emotions the face expresses the representative of another.

Probably this is due to the fact that children — and it is in childhood lays the idea of beauty is not often come into contact with other races.

Childhood experiences, which is fixed on the image of the parents is important when choosing a partner, says the Professor of ethology, University of Cambridge Patrick Bateson. For example, daughters of older fathers often marry men much older than them, and the children from interracial marriages and start families with partners of the same race to which belonged the parents of the opposite sex with them.

The basis of beauty is symmetry

Even completely different ideas of attractiveness have something in common — they are based on symmetry. Scientists say that all people like symmetrical faces, to the same average from the point of view of its proportions.

In the experiment, Judith Lapua and Laurie Roggeman from the University of Utah (USA) suggested subjects pictures of men and women, partly created using a computer program based on the most common facial features. These synthetic images were particularly symmetric, and they seemed to participants of the study the most attractive.