The former Governor was allowed to teach

The former Governor was allowed to teach

The verdict to Nikita Belykh came into force with a small discount.

Thursday entered into force the sentence of the former Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh, who was sentenced in Moscow Presnensky district court to eight years ‘ rigorous imprisonment for bribery. According to the CCJ and the court, in 2013-2016 the official received from the businessman-lumberman Yuri Sudheimer €400 thousand for General support in the business. The lawyers appealed the sentence, saying their client was a provocation, but has achieved in Moscow city court only permit Mr. White to teach in the civil service after his release.

Nikita Belykh was convicted of receiving €400 thousand from the owner of JSC “Novovyatskiy ski works” (NLC) and OOO “Forest management company “Kirovles”” the citizen of Germany Yury Sudgaimer. The money, according to the TFR, paid the head of the region, including for General support. At the same time the court acquitted the ex-Governor in receipt of €200 thousand from the first owner of these enterprises albert Urickogo. For this accusation Mr. White received the right to rehabilitation.

The appeal the convicted person and his defence claimed that in consequence of these gatherings Nikita Belykh with businessman Sugimura could not take place because of employment of the Governor current Affairs. So, the first meeting of Yuri Sudheimer Nikita Belykh March 5, 2014, where the businessman allegedly discussed payment of money, according to the defense, was not confirmed by records in the electronic log. According to the lawyer of Andrei Grokhotov, the journal noted, who went to the Governor for appointment, and those who met the Secretary. “But the fact of the visit Sugimura Nikita Yurievich (White.— “B”) that on March 5, 2014, not recorded,” — he said. The lawyer said that “there were facts and the phone between them, which was reflected in the printout of the telephone calls produced by the prosecution in the Presnensky court”.

Referring to the meeting of Yuri Sudheimer Nikita White 15 may 2014, the lawyer said that on that day Sudgaimer could not convey to his client the money because “the Governor was represented by Directors of their enterprises.” “Together they discussed the development of the NLC and the management company — said the Lord of the Screens, so it’s hard to imagine Yuri Sudheimer passed any money to the Governor at his residence in the presence of two witnesses.”

Speaking via videoconference Nikita Belykh said that in the day of his arrest June 24, 2016 at Megu restaurant Lotte Hotel Moscow against him was a provocation. “They (the FSB.— “B”) specifically smeared with special-composition stick pack that handed me Sudheimer, — said the convict, — that my hands and glowed, although any money I did not see and did not touch them.” About the alleged bribes created “special conditions” of the enterprise Yury Sudgaimer Nikita Belykh said that “all decisions on their inclusion in the program of priority investment development was discussed in the government collectively. What? All their leaders bribes were paid? Absurd!”.

In the end, the three judges agreed with the opinion of the representative of the Prosecutor General, who asked that the sentence remain in force.

The decision of the trial court was a little relaxed with the ex-Governor has removed the limitation in the occupation of public positions in education after release.

Soon the convict sent to the colony, where in front of him for unreasonable criminal prosecution on the part setochnykh episodes should apologize to the Prosecutor. “The amount of compensation we have not yet discussed, as this issue was not a priority for us”, — said “Kommersant” the lawyer of the Screens.

Alexei Sokovnin