McCain spoke about his contribution to the dirt on trump

McCain spoke about his contribution to the dirt on trump

American Republican Senator John McCain said that he personally handed over to James Comey, who at the time was led by the FBI, incriminating dossier on the President of the United States Donald trump.

About this politician said in his book The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations (“Tireless wave: good times, great battles and other high scores)”, excerpts of which publishes The Daily Beast.

The politician explained that he decided to obtain a copy of the document which is now called “file”. After reading it, McCain decided that was contained in documents the facts “alarming”, but he did not know whether they correspond to reality.

“So I did something that would make every American who cares about national security of their country,” he said.

The Senator put the documents in his private safe and set up a meeting with James Comey. “I gave him the “dossier”, and also explained how it came to me,” explained McCain. The Republican added that a meeting with the head of the FBI lasted no more than ten minutes.

According to TASS, the preparation of a “dossier” on trump was carried out from 2015 to order supporters of the Republican party, speaking with a sharp criticism of the billionaire. When it became clear that trump is the most likely contender for the nomination of the presidential candidate of the Republican party has ceased funding this work. But then do the Democrats.

In particular, in the “file” reported that Russian intelligence has information that discredit trump. The politician called such documents “a fraud and a political witch hunt”.

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