Radicals blocked in Kiev channel “inter”, demanding to cancel the program on Victory Day

Radicals blocked in Kiev channel “inter”, demanding to cancel the program on Victory Day

The nationalists called the concert, which should show in honor of the holiday, propaganda and anti-Ukrainian content.

KIEV, may 9. /TASS/. Representatives of the Ukrainian far-right party “national body” (organization banned in Russia) on Wednesday morning blocked the Kiev editorial office of the TV channel “inter” to avoid airing the concert in honor of Victory Day.

We demand from the channel to remove from the evening of may 9, propaganda, anti-Ukrainian content. If this does not happen, we reserve the right to take any appropriate action in response.Representatives of the Ukrainian far-right party “national corpus”

As the correspondent of TASS from the event, near the building of “inter”, gathered about 30 people, they set up the tent. While any of the incidents did not happen.

Earlier, the national Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting has called on the TV channel “inter” to make changes to their program for the Day of Victory and an end to “divide society and use veterans as material for propaganda.” The national Council described the celebration as “another manipulation and dancing on the wounds of society.” The regulator said that attempts to commit “the Soviet stereotypes” have nothing to do with reality, in which the lives of the Ukrainian state and asked the broadcasters to “carefully and responsibly” to refer to software content, as well as “to protect the audience from the language of enmity and hatred.”

In the promo video of the upcoming concert to the Victory Day on the “inter” of his leading comment on the process of de-communization of Ukraine, in particular, noted that “we cannot allow the streets of Ukrainian cities were named after Nazi criminals” and “their portraits with impunity wore during torchlight processions in Kiev.”