What technologies will make the flight as safe as possible

What technologies will make the flight as safe as possible

Why not worry about your life, going to travel.

Progress does not stand still and security of air travel are improving every day. For example, it has long been possible to land the plane even in the absence of visibility and in difficult geographical conditions.

The news isFlying across the Atlantic ocean in four minutes

According to the expert, and writer Gennady Bocharov, many years headed anyorganization in the USSR, it became possible due to the route and glide-path system, surveying and the creation of three-dimensional terrain models. By the way, this technology was successfully tested before the Olympic games in Sochi, where there are difficulties in landing because of the “mountain necklace”.

Another technology that significantly lowers the risks while travelling by aircraft of ADS-B (Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast, or just the transponder). It is a system that allows controllers and pilots to monitor the aircraft in real time. It has long been widely used in aviation, but for greater reliability, the American company Aireon in 2018, will launch an enhanced global space ADS-B system navigation and monitoring called ALERT. From this system not be hidden any one plane, she will be able to track flights to anywhere in the world, including Antarctica.