Unbelievable. In the book, “50 tales” was only 22 tales

Unbelievable. In the book, “50 tales” was only 22 tales

It seems that in school, someone skipped math.

An unexpected discovery was made by a Russian woman, bought in the store children’s book “50 favorite little fairy tales.” It turned out that, despite the title, the book was just 22 pieces, which, of course, distressed her. About it the woman wrote in Facebook and asked the publisher if she could recover half of the cost of the books.

UPD: I quote the answer of the distinguished publishing house AST my question is why in the book “50 favorite little fairy tales” fairy tales of all…

Published Ann Ananskaya April 28, 2018At boot time the error occurred.

The company representative promised to investigate, but suddenly comments came with one of the editors involved in the release of the book, which rather abruptly replied that there is no error and that is the number of tales was intended.

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As she explained, “50 favorite little fairy tales” is not the title of the book, and the name of the series.

So they can print under one cover as many works as you want.

By the way, it turned out that the publisher often confuse buyers, calling a collections of beautiful figure on the cover. For example, in the book “50 ancient Slavic symbols, charged on the fulfillment of a wish and achieve any goal”, there is only 12 characters. And in the book “100 favorite verses. Agniya Barto, Korney Chukovsky” only 22 poems.