Money down the drain. In the US the road slept $600 thousand

Money down the drain. In the US the road slept $600 thousand

Those who have collected them, the police are looking for.

A funny incident occurred in the U.S. state of Indiana. A collector of the truck during movement opened the back door, and the road slept a few bags of money for the sum about 600 thousand dollars.

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About what happened, the truck driver told the other driver. He returned to the scene and called the police, but it was too late. Witnesses to the incident did not miss the opportunity of easy money — they stopped the car and collected the money.

Those the police caught on the spot, was forced to return the banknotes, but most people just left. Now the police are looking for them, and offers to voluntarily return the bills, otherwise they will be charged with theft.

A Brinks truck lost $600,000 in cash when its door flew open on I-70; people jumped over fences to fill their pockets with money, but the ISP says they could be charged with theft

— FOX59 News (@FOX59) May 2, 2018

The Brinks truck lost $ 600,000 in cash, when his door opened on I-70. People were jumping the fences to line their pockets with cash, but police say they can be charged with theft.

It is already known that several suspects are young men in a white van who managed to steal almost a whole bag of cash, and the school bus driver who is actively picking up the dollars from the road.

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