“Unsatisfactory” on the drawing. Why officials are addicted to photoshop

“Unsatisfactory” on the drawing. Why officials are addicted to photoshop

In the Kemerovo municipal officials came from the villagers, prosecutors, investigators and the Ministry of construction. And all because of the fact that they decided to report on the improvement of the Playground with the help of photoshop.

As officials excelled at the art, not to solve problems, read material portal iz.ru.

Ran into auditors

The scandal around the Playground in the Kemerovo village of Belogorsk with a population of just over 2.7 thousand people began with a message on the website of the local administration. Netizens have noticed that in the photo of the “execution of works on landscaping of public areas of Forest, anniversary 11” hit the otfotoshoplenny. It to the Playground in the middle of snowy village paint rubber coating and the like fences. There were realistic pictures, which show how children playing on the Playground, folding backpacks directly into the damp earth.

Local officials didn’t understand why, in social networks there was an uproar. The head of the Belogorsky city settlement Sergey Kirpichnikov sure that the “problem is not worth a damn”. The coating really is, but due to the bad weather failed to connect it in gently.

There are rubber squares 50 50, between the glued seams. And when I passed this place already cold. Qualitatively not turned to glue.Sergey Kirpichnikov Belogorsk urban settlement in an interview with radio station “Moscow Says”

Not to leave everything anyhow, the coating is collected and taken to the warehouse in the administration building to warming, says Kirpichnikov. Why do officials instead of trying to explain things as they are, decided to draw the cover in photoshop, he explained.

The case, which began with a discussion of negligence of local officials in social networks, took a serious turn. Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Kemerovo region organized a pre-investigation check. To determine whether the administration hid behind a fake photo, the investigators are going to take and study all the documentation for the landscaping of the Playground. The test is carried out at a regional Prosecutor’s office.

To check out the higher officials of Department housing-municipal and road complex of regional administration. The scandal came to the Federal government. The head of the Ministry of construction of Russia Mikhail Men on Friday, April 27, instructed his Deputy Andrey Chibis to understand what happened during the landscaping of the Playground in fact. On the job, according to media reports, had spent more than 150 thousand rubles.

That was painted over?

Russian officials not the first year master photoshop in the preparation of pseudoatoms for citizens and leadership. The massive popularity of these collages have gained after the appearance of the official portals for filing complaints. Two years ago on a similar suburban site of “Dobrodel” received a complaint from local citizens on the lights, which for some reason is not lit in the dark.

Officials reported that the problem is solved, and applied to the corresponding row in the photo. Not only that the lamp is “lit” with graphic editor, and chose a picture taken in daylight. As told by the locals, in reality, the lights are not burned neither day nor night. In the municipal administration are unable to comment on the situation — responsible for reports on this district official for a month before the incident, was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement and embezzlement of 14,5 million rubles.

A resident of Pushkino using the same “Dobrodel” tried to solve the problem with garbage in his neighborhood. To the complaint, he had a picture of two overflowing garbage cans. The author wondered what happened to the third. A report on the solution of the problem was documented on 3 November 2017 and endorsed by the Deputy head of the district administration P. Evseev.

In confirmation of officials attached a photo, which instead scored two of the containers were empty and suspiciously similar to each other. The social networks were surprised that for the background of the selected photo, which though was not garbage, but sported a huge puddle. “I think or containers in the attached photos drawn in a graphic editor?” — asked the author of the complaint. The moderator did not argue and he resented this substitution: “Now will do just that. Something that is quite beyond…” the Second time the report came to the end of the month, this time signed by a different Deputy district V. Stroeva. In the picture this time was a blurry frame with one container whose contents are impossible to discern.

Moscow officials issue with one small urn has decided not so gracefully. Reporting on fix route signs, they did not learn the basic skills of creating collages and simply closed stuffed to overflowing trash white rectangle.

City officials repeatedly caught on the substitution of the real work and is not always the case ended only by the perturbations of users of social networks. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin five years ago, dismissed the head of Orekhovo-Borisovo, who “cleaned the snow” from the pedestrian walkway retouched, and a year later — the head of the Presnensky district, which is the same method to finish the missing address pointer to the house.

Privatescope me

One case the dumpster. And to attend the event using the graphical editor is a whole other level. Thus “reduce” the leadership at the Grand opening of the final Rural games Kuban in 2012, the officials decided Labinsk district of Krasnodar region. On the official website of the news about their participation in the event provided a collage, which for the stadium put a photograph of the Vice-Governor, head of district administration, head of the urban settlement and Labour Hero.

The retouching was so explicit that the Network has plenty of parodies: officials with the help of simple manipulations in photoshop “visited” in space, new York, the plot of the TV channel about the flood and other locations. Officials claimed that the reason was a technical error due to which the photographer instead of the original picture sent to the press-service of the collage layout. Nadograditi staff they promised to punish. Was attended by the officials on the event and not cleared.

The Minister of housing, Moscow region Eugene Khromushina for illustration local Newspapers had to prove that he really went on repair. The suburban newspaper printed a note “for Two years I dreamed of you” about the repair of the roof of one of houses in Elektrostal, which added a collage: to picture, where officials checked the quality of work in the attic, ‘ve added a photo of the Minister in the suit. Press Secretary Khromushina called up newspaper bad new year’s joke, gave proof of the presence of the Minister and stressed that “climbing the attic” for his superiors is a constant practice.

Stop lipoate

St. Petersburg officials are often caught in otfotoshopili reports that had to intervene with the Governor. In Peterhof with fake reports turned the whole Comedy — and all because of the advertising pasted over the front door. A local resident complained about stained torn posters door through the portal “Our St. Petersburg”.

The solution to the problem was postponed for three months — until the onset of warm weather. When the time came, the portal was released with the edited photo, where the traces of glue is schematically smeared gray rectangles. The management company is responsible for the execution of works, dumped the blame on the officials, and they, in turn, pointed back to UK. Who in the end saved the door from the remnants of ads smaller than a postcard, is unknown.

The last straw for leadership was a case that occurred in the Primorsky district in 2016. On the portal “Our St. Petersburg” municipal officials reported about the repair of the road and put in the confirmation photo. The fraud was discovered quickly, to restore the street promised in the shortest possible time. However, the official, who belonged to the idea to use a photo editor lost his job. “Deal with photoshop and lipoate is just silly. Not photoshop need to do, and work”, — said the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, threatening dismissal to everyone “sugarcoat” the reality.