Media: about 30 people were injured in an explosion in North London

Media: about 30 people were injured in an explosion in North London

One of the preliminary versions, exploded mobile phone batteries that members of the Jewish holiday Lag BA-Omer thrown into the fire.

TASS, 3 may. About 30 people were injured in an explosion in North London. About this newspaper the Daily Express.

According to her, the explosion occurred in the district Stamfod hill, where a crowd of people celebrating the Jewish holiday Lag BA-Omer. According to tradition, during this holiday bonfires. One of the preliminary version, the cause of the explosion was careless handling of fuel, which is used to start a fire. According to another version, exploded mobile phone batteries, which are some of the festival were thrown into the fire.

Daily Express said that ten people were taken to hospital. About 20 people were injured, but they did not require hospitalization.

The police of district of Hackney on his official Twitter page also informs about 10 victims in the incident at Stamford hill. Reports that the reason of explosion could become criminal acts, were reported, said the police.

? Close to 30 people have been injured following explosion in Stamford Hill in North London at the Jewish celebration#UK
? #Londra’da Yahudi bir kutlama töreni esnasında meydana lane pekara patlamada 30’a yakın insan yaralandı#Ingiltere

— Mete Sohtaoğlu (@metesohtaoglu) 3 may 2018.

Thirty injured in explosion at Jewish celebration in London as the mobile phone sparks fireball – The Sun

— Electric Gherkin (@electricgherkin) 3 may 2018.

Ten hurt in Stamford Hill Jewish festival explosion

— BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) 3 may 2018.