As filmmakers steal money from the Ministry of culture: five stories in the style of Ilf and Petrov

As filmmakers steal money from the Ministry of culture: five stories in the style of Ilf and Petrov

“Storm” to find out where does the money allocated for support of Russian cinema.

Each year the Department of cinematography of the Ministry of culture and the cinema Fund allocate billions of rubles to support the domestic film. Not all of this money is used as intended. Shortly before the dissolution of the government Vladimir Medinsky has asked the Prosecutor General to prosecute the five studios, which took the officials about 100 million rubles, and have not removed anything at all. Living classic Sergei Solovyov, roguish trash-maker Maxim Voronkov and film critic Olga Tumasova — “Storm” to understand why these people have such low financial discipline.

In the list of debtors of the Ministry of culture five Dodgers who received grants and abolished Roskultury, and from her inherited Fund of cinema with Sergei Tolstikov and current Director Anton Malyshev.

The office is long and hard, I pleaded with the filmmakers in arbitration, but could not achieved. Now they are going to act siloviki. Not the fact, of course, that all the money will be returned, even if the plot limped to criminal cases. What is clear is that law enforcement will get a lot of pleasure, studying the details of these stories.

The pleasure received and we. Five debtors of the Ministry of culture — five projects of different producers, from the legendary to novamov. Them different from each other and history are woven together in a flawless landscape business Russia, not changing from the time of Ostap Bender and his script for the film “the Neck.”

Chapter 1. Balaganov did not become Koreyko: “Arkada entertainment” and the film “Red Dog”

In 2014, the pitching of the cinema Fund “Arkada” was asked to support the project “Red Dog” is a military drama about the dog-sapper script moderately well-known Victor Kryukov. The project was even less known producer of the “Arcade” Boris the Vulture. However, the latter promised to involve in the project star: Daniil Strakhov and Emmanuel Vitorgan. Under these subsidy given.

“Red dog” from “Arcade” and have not waited. The project was renamed the “Trail fighter”, but that’s not the title, because “Trace” is also not removed. At some point, shooting just stopped, and Mr. Grif disappeared. “Arkada entertainment” has been removed from the register in September 2017 due to inactivity. No other projects for these “Horns and hooves” neither the business press nor the Executive branch do not know.

As told to “Storm” the second Director and composer of the “Track fighter” Svyatoslav Chirkov, the project is on the Neck was wonderful, the team at the venue was really perfect, not to mention the script Kryukov. Only here the shooting stopped after 20% of shifts worked. And then the money ran out, and sent everyone home without giving salary and not paying rent equipment. Chirkov said that the leadership “have not calculated the possibilities.”

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“The dog Red” at the Kryukov is still out. In 2017, the forces of the Russian-Belarusian company Nonstop MEDIA, where the project initially belonged to. Producer Sergei Zhdanovich said the “Storm” that Vulture suddenly appeared and wanted to take part in the project that the film has passed for equator. Failed. Later, the Vulture tried to purchase from zhdanovicha the film rights for 15 thousand dollars — he also refused. Even after some time to a producer heard rumors that the Neck is trying to acquire the film rights from the writer himself and Kryukov. Finally, the Nonstop MEDIA learned that Grif had received from the Russian cinema Fund money and started filming. While the newspaper claims that the Fingerboard somehow managed to fabricate his seal and signature on the contract on joint production of the film “Arcade” and Nonstop MEDIA. This paper was submitted to the film Fund. Grif didn’t hesitate this prank and even sent the Colleague a copy of the document.

I strongly asked him to stop doing stuff and threatened to inform where follows. He deleted me from friends in social networks, and more we did not communicate. That was fine with me, because my rights, he ultimately was not able to break, and the cinema Fund their lawyers.Sergei Zdaneviciute

By the way, with a Stamp he had met at the Cannes film festival. “Someone to me had failed, and he talked about himself as a skillful coordinator and faithful companion of a famous producer Alexei Petrukhin. The latter created a sense that my partner is a serious man not a fraud any. Well, Yes,” shared the producer.

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Grif was indeed an employee of the company “Russian Film Group”, and some movie websites it’s even listed as co-producer of “Teacher” Alexey Petrukhin. A well-known filmmaker heard that the Neck is long and with pleasure “opens the door” to his name, and recommends the following contractors Boris carefully check references.

“He was such a character, was our interpreter, assistant, then pulled up to promo producer,” recalls Petrukhin, and without prompting says the expected:

He was supposed to be a co-producer of “Teacher”, but they did not in the end, nothing in the project has not brought great disappoint — they threw, in fact. Buksanul we strongly for him. Then came back with an apology, tried to fix it, again failed. Disappeared and hasn’t been seen. We have forgotten it.

The relationship of the Shura Balaganov and revolutionary officer with “Ochakovo” could only confirm the Bender — for lack of more authoritative experts (of Peter Schmidt soon after the rebellion quickly shot). In the case of the Fretboard easier, and his career did fall over, for objective reasons, even the great schemer is described: “Boy! What happened is not even an episode but just a coincidence. Gentleman in search of dozens. And anyway, what kind of profession is this — the son of Lieutenant Schmidt! A year or two, and then your Auburn locks will be familiar and you will start to beat.”

Chapter two. In the morning money in the evening — chairs, but the money in advance: “In motion” and “the other side of the moon”. 23.2 million rubles

To say that the Ministry of culture turn a blind eye on violators of the agreements, it would be an exaggeration. The office and without the oversight bodies issued by looking after the money, and in case of problems, complains and submits claims to arbitration. To sue contractors that do not return the Deposit, — it’s a classic, mainstream civil rights! To sense something. For example, the second debtor from the list of Medina, you can clearly understand why the Ministry of culture took the Prosecutor’s office.

In June 2008, the company of film critic and producer Olga Tumasova “In motion” agreed with the Federal Agency for culture and cinematography (they were given subsidies before the advent of the cinema Fund). The Ministry paid the Studio 23.7 million rubles, so that she made the film “the Reverse side of the moon”. “In motion”, as you can guess, nothing was removed in March of 2011 the agreement was terminated. Of the nearly 24 million, the Studio returned to the Ministry of culture of 500 thousand rubles. More like something failed.

The Ministry was offended and dashed off the suit, satisfied in 2011 the Arbitration court of Moscow. “In motion” according to the court, had to pay not only the balance of the debt and interest and to cover the legal fees. The Studio appealed, but, of course, to no avail — 7 February 2013 it was rejected. Like everything?