The leader of the Armenian opposition opened the way to power

The leader of the Armenian opposition opened the way to power

The ruling Republican party of Armenia (RPA) will support the opposition candidate for Prime Minister. This was stated by the head of the faction in Parliament, Vahram Baghdasaryan, said on Wednesday, may 2,

According to him, for this is one condition. “The RPA will vote for the candidate for Prime Minister, who will have the support of one third of deputies of the Parliament. We will not have own candidate,” said Baghdasaryan. Prior to this decision, the party held a meeting with his head of and a former President of the country Serzh Sargsyan.

The vote on the election of the Premier is scheduled for may 8. New condition put forward by the Republicans, corresponds to the opposition leader, Nikol Pashinian, which the Parliament failed to elect on 1 may. Pashinyan was the only candidate, but he refused to vote for the RPA faction that has the majority. In the end, the candidate was supported by only 45 MPs in the election as head of government the votes of 53 MPs.

Protests continue in Armenia since mid-April amid a political crisis. After an unsuccessful election on may 1, Pashinyan, in the ultimate order requiring them to elect him head of government, called for continued civil disobedience.

As a result, 2 may, the protesters blocked roads and the metro in Yerevan is also due to the strike began interruptions in the operation of the airport Zvartnots. In addition, supporters of the Armenian opposition occupied the premises of the city hall of Gyumri.