Nikol Pashinyan said, who in Armenia the owner

Nikol Pashinyan said, who in Armenia the owner

A candidate for Prime Minister urged all to celebrate may 1, a national victory.


In the center of Yerevan held a rally in support of the candidacy of the leader of the protest movement Nikol Pashinian to the post of Prime Minister. Although the policy still lacks six votes for approval in Parliament, he said that there is a high probability of his election as the head of government, announced the people’s victory and called on all citizens of Armenia to go on the morning of 1 may at the Yerevan Republic square, to celebrate. The celebration will begin simultaneously with the beginning of a session of Parliament.

At a rally in Central Yerevan, was released tens of thousands of people. Some of them came here March through the city from the square of Garegin Nzhdeh. Led convoy Nikol Pashinyan, who has already turned into a national hero. In Armenia now the fashion for t-shirts with the image of Mr. Pashinian, in which were many participants of the rally.

The whole event, part of which was a procession that lasted more than four hours. The rally was her apotheosis, and the speech of Nikol Pashinyan — the final chord. A candidate for Prime Minister said that Armenia now has the attention of the whole world “as if tomorrow is the finals of the world Cup”.