NBC News: Russia discredited electoral system in seven U.S. States

NBC News: Russia discredited electoral system in seven U.S. States

According to NBC News, “supported by Russian secret agents” interfered in the electoral system of seven us States before the election of 2016.

According to US intelligence, have been affected by the work of the state web sites or systems of registration voting.

Three senior intelligence officials said that these States were Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin.

  • What the US accuses the defendants in the “case of Russian intervention”

Recall that Russia has previously accused of an aggressive foreign policy and intervention in the Affairs of other countries, but never before had so many States at the same time not put forward in Moscow such claims, as in 2017. Power over ten Western countries — from USA to Malta — accused Russia of trying to manipulate their electoral processes and public opinion.

But American experts have estimated that since 2004, Moscow intervened in the Affairs of at least 27 States.

This year, the Democratic party introduced a bill with a proposal to allocate $1 billion to be protected against the alleged interference of Moscow in the upcoming midterm elections. That such intervention is planned, said members of the government and the Director of National intelligence Daniel Coates.