Putin in a conversation with Netanyahu spoke in favour of avoiding a new round of confrontation in Syria

© Alexey Nikolsky/TASS MOSCOW, February 10. /TASS./ Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed by telephone with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli air force, who inflicted missile strikes on targets in Syria. This was reported by the press service of the Kremlin on Saturday. “The Russian side expressed the hope to avoid any steps that could lead to a new round threat for all of the confrontation in the region”, – said the press service. According to the press service, Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister during the conversation with Putin agreed to continue coordination between the military of the two countries. “I spoke recently with Russian President Vladimir Putin. We agreed that security coordination between the two armies will continue”, – are reported words of Netanyahu.

In the Urals filmed around town lynx

In the Urals filmed around town lynx MOSCOW, 10 Feb — RIA Novosti. A wild cat similar to the lynx, moves freely on the streets of the city Berezovsky of the Sverdlovsk region. The locals took the predator on video and published in the “Berezovsky. The news of our city” in “Vkontakte”. The video shows how a young lynx runs along the roadway. Caught in the headlights, frightened cat warp between cars and runs across the road directly in front of the wheels of the approaching vehicle. Social network users agreed that lynx — lost pet. “It’s a pity the child. Wants to eat and the shock for her,” writes one commenter. “You will be hungry and will be more aggressive. Class. I wonder what idiot lost the animal. Is necessary to catch with a piece of fresh meat, he suggested another user. Residents pointed out that if the lynx

Gymnastics propose to revive on radio and TV

Gymnastics propose to revive on radio and TV The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov has proposed to revive in the air of the national television and radio gymnastics. A proposal he sent to the Minister of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov. “Instead of one or two blocks could be placed a few gears with the entry of gymnastics. This will be a good step for our country towards real concerns about the health of the nation and future generations”, — quotes the text of the letter, the Agency “RIA Novosti”. It is proposed to run the units of production exercises on the main TV and radio channels during morning and work hours. Petrov notes that most people are “chained to their office chairs and cabinets”, and a sedentary lifestyle “negatively affects the health of hundreds of thousands and millions of workers

NASA reported the approach to Earth of a 40-meter asteroid

NASA reported the approach to Earth of a 40-meter asteroid The Earth is approaching asteroid that is wider than the Chelyabinsk meteorite. This was announced by the head of the research Center of near-earth objects at the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA Gender khodas. He noted that this is the second asteroid for a week, which will fly close to Earth. Its dimensions are 15 x 40 metres, which exceeds the size of the Chelyabinsk meteorite that fell to Earth in 2013. However, in this case scientists believe that the heavenly body will not come into the atmosphere of our planet. Asteroid will fly by on distance of 6 thousand km from Earth on the night of February 10. “The asteroid, named 2018-CB most closely passes Earth Feb 9 at 22:30 GMT (10 Feb at 01:30 GMT). This distance corresponds to approximately one fifth of the distance from the Earth

Israel has asked Russia to help prevent escalation in Syria

Israel has asked Russia to help prevent escalation in Syria Moscow. 10 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Israel has asked Russia to intervene and prevent the escalation of the situation in Syria after the incident with the downed Iranian drone, writes in the Saturday newspaper The Times of Israel, citing diplomatic sources. “Israel contacted the officials in Moscow with a request to send a message to Syria and Iran that, despite the fact that he struck a powerful blow in response to the incident with the drone, he is not interested in exacerbating violence in the future”, — the newspaper writes. In the night of Saturday, Israeli fighters shot down an Iranian drone, which, according to Israel, was launched from the territory of Syria. Then Israel attacked 12 targets in Central Syria in the area of the Damascus province. The attack by the Israeli air force lost at least one fighter who

Estonia and Russia had an exchange of convicted espionage

Estonia and Russia had an exchange of convicted espionage The Department of the security police of Estonia (KAPO) reported on the exchange who was convicted in Russia for espionage Estonian entrepreneur Raivo Susi the citizen of Russia Artem Zinchenko, who is serving in Estonia, the period for espionage, reports Delfi. The exchange took place on 10 February, at 10.00 local time at the border station Koidula. It is noted that the Harju County court in may 2017 acknowledged Artem Zinchenko guilty of espionage and sentenced him to five years. Raivo Susi in December 2017 in Russia was found guilty of espionage and sentenced to imprisonment for 12 years. Both filed a petition for pardon, which the presidents of Estonia and Russia satisfied. Earlier in Lithuania have detained three people on suspicion of spying for Russia.

Kadyrov announced the acquisition of the cryptocurrency

Kadyrov announced the acquisition of the cryptocurrency Moscow. 10 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that bought a stake of bitcoin and intends to follow the development of cryptocurrency. “I already said that in the Chechen Republic will implement a blockchain. I am also interested in innovative payment network. I decided to purchase a share of bitcoin to follow the development of cryptocurrencies”, — he wrote on Saturday in his Telegram. Kadyrov noted that the purchase of cryptocurrency there are no guarantees of profit in this field developed fraud. “But I am of the opinion that the industry should be clearly regulated by law, but not prohibited. Most importantly, to protect citizens from financial pyramids and other fraudulent schemes,” — said the head of Chechnya. “In an ever-changing world of technology need to improve, to understand the innovations”, he added. According to CoinDesk, bitcoin exchange rate

Scientists were allowed to have snow

Scientists were allowed to have snow Romanian scientists University showed that eating fresh snow, which lay less than two days, safe for health. Over time, however, increases the risk of contamination of frozen water bacteria and mold. About it reports The Washington Post. The researchers collected the snow from the Park and near the roundabout in the Romanian city of Miercurea Ciuc in January and February by placing the samples in sealed sterile containers. Samples were kept at temperature a minus of 17.4−1.1 degrees Celsius. The researchers then followed the development of bacteria and mold in them. It turned out that when the content of the January snow in one day the number of bacteria increased to five per square millimeter. At the February samples, this figure was four times higher. At the same time very fresh snow up to 12 hours, the content of microorganisms was insignificant, but after

There is an amazing photo of the Atlantic ocean from space

There is an amazing photo of the Atlantic ocean from space The European space Agency published photos of the Atlantic ocean near the coast of Portugal and Spain. In the photo you can see streaks of clouds in the lower part are traces of ships passing through the Strait of Gibraltar. Clouds are formed from the exhaust emissions of the vessel and around these small particles condenseries water vapor. The kind of trail of an airplane flying in the sky, only this picture was taken from space via satellite. Explore and download this week’s #EarthFromSpace image from #Sentinel3 showing the Atlantic Ocean with criss-cross tracks from shipshttps://t.co/SHeXsoBu7u pic.twitter.com/tIY9xzf1LB — ESA (@esa) 9 Feb 2018 During the download an error has occurred. Scientists study the Earth’s surface in the framework of the Copernicus mission, which launched into orbit several satellites Sentinel. This image was taken from the satellite Sentinel-3A — it

Twins trump and Kim Jong UN withdrew from the opening ceremony of the Olympics

Twins trump and Kim Jong UN withdrew from the opening ceremony of the Olympics Dressed and made-up men decided to hold a rally for peace. 40фотографий40фотографий40фотографий Two men, dressed in U.S. President Donald trump, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN surprised the audience at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. They told reporters that the meaning of cross-dressing was not only in HYIP and wonderful self. The idea of twins was to promote a peaceful resolution of the tense standoff, the US and the DPRK. It was a peaceful demonstration. We want to promote peace. We showed people how it should look peaceful coexistence… When we arrived at the stadium, looked at us as rock stars.double Kim Jong-UN (Howard) “We sure get along all right [with double trump]. So I believe that Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN, too, could find common ground if we talked. In my