In the Urals filmed around town lynx

In the Urals filmed around town lynx

MOSCOW, 10 Feb — RIA Novosti. A wild cat similar to the lynx, moves freely on the streets of the city Berezovsky of the Sverdlovsk region. The locals took the predator on video and published in the “Berezovsky. The news of our city” in “Vkontakte”.

The video shows how a young lynx runs along the roadway. Caught in the headlights, frightened cat warp between cars and runs across the road directly in front of the wheels of the approaching vehicle.

Social network users agreed that lynx — lost pet. “It’s a pity the child. Wants to eat and the shock for her,” writes one commenter. “You will be hungry and will be more aggressive. Class. I wonder what idiot lost the animal. Is necessary to catch with a piece of fresh meat, he suggested another user.

Residents pointed out that if the lynx does not catch, it can result in unfortunate consequences. “If someone lost, it would have been posts I guess. And posting. You need to catch the animal. But if she’s going to attack children?”— said another user. “The sad end will be in the end, if not to catch. Young animal, teenager, wants to eat, but yet is afraid of everything in the city, in the end, the hunt will start at anything less than her dogs, cats, God forbid people. Sorry its crazy, the question is how to catch and at least placed in a cage,” wrote another commenter. Users report that a Bobcat, judging from the behavior, grew up with people.

Activists called the local zoo, where they were informed, that in Russia there are structures for the trapping of wild animals. Predator have promised to engage the Department on the protection of animals.