Twins trump and Kim Jong UN withdrew from the opening ceremony of the Olympics

Twins trump and Kim Jong UN withdrew from the opening ceremony of the Olympics

Dressed and made-up men decided to hold a rally for peace.


Two men, dressed in U.S. President Donald trump, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN surprised the audience at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. They told reporters that the meaning of cross-dressing was not only in HYIP and wonderful self. The idea of twins was to promote a peaceful resolution of the tense standoff, the US and the DPRK.

It was a peaceful demonstration. We want to promote peace. We showed people how it should look peaceful coexistence… When we arrived at the stadium, looked at us as rock stars.double Kim Jong-UN (Howard)

“We sure get along all right [with double trump]. So I believe that Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN, too, could find common ground if we talked. In my opinion, they are very similar,” said Howard informed Africanews.

Denis Alan, copying Donald trump, believes the action “of Kim Jong-UN” a common joke. “I use my resemblance to Donald trump to entertain people, make them laugh. I don’t use their appearance to make political statements,” he told Africanews.

Look who turned up to the Opening Ceremony of Pyeongchang Olympics! (Spoiler alert – they’re lookalikes)

— Paula Hancocks (@PHancocksCNN) 9 Feb 2018

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The reporters found that “Kim Jong UN” is actually not Korean, and Australian. “Tramp” turned out to be an American. Both did a great job on their images, chose the right clothes and professionally disguised. Some photos that I will take with me many guests in Pyeongchang, twins, and indistinguishable from the real politicians.

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On the eve of the Olympics, “Kim” and “the Donald” walked the streets and posed with passers-by for selfies. And on February 9, attended the ceremony at the stadium in Pyeongchang-gun. However, their peace mission met support from the security services and the twins were asked to leave, informs Bi-bi-si. Twitter employee of the Washington Post noted that the leaders of the countries, though fun, it showed “Olympic spirit at its best”.