“I’m sick”: discussing “closed” SFII Polish artist

“I’m sick”: discussing “closed” SFII Polish artist

MOSCOW, 23 Feb — RIA Novosti. The Internet is gaining popularity “closed” GIF in the form of endlessly approaching the sea coast.

Sifco resembles a real map of the area, which all the time increases the scale. The author image — the Polish artist Feliks Konchakovski. On its website published many such works.

By the visual artist Konczakowski, a bit of coastal geography. pic.twitter.com/tO8CRBpNm2

— KHCA Geography (@khcageogfacts) February 20, 2018

Sifco entered the top Reddit and attracted a huge number of views and comments.

“Oh. My brain” — complains one of the visitors of the Internet portal.

“I was sort of sick of this” — joins him danc4498.

“None of the GIF didn’t work on me as this one. I definitely stomach hurts,” wrote HotgunColdheart.

“It is the most annoying GIF I’ve seen in my life,” said Casanova on Twitter.