Walk fast, the machine to turn off

Walk fast, the machine to turn off

The inhabitants of Northern regions tell people about survival in the cold.

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In the capital region closing in abnormal frosts. In the night of Thursday the temperature will drop to -22 degrees. The day will be about 10 degrees of a frost at the weekend — even colder, to -14 in the afternoon. How to survive in the cold? Radio station “Kommersant FM” was asked to share the experience of residents of Russian cities with the harsh climate.

Alexander, Novy Urengoy: “the Most important thing is to dress warmly: of course, long underwear, warm boots, sweaters. And, in my opinion, the most important and the secret is to walk quickly”.

Your whole day planned, that is when you go out, such a short rush.Urengoy, 22 firespaces 14 days-29°clear-37°Night clearForecast for 14 days

Daria, Norilsk: “the hardest part, of course, were young children when it is quite severe frosts and strong wind: it is very dangerous, because a strong wind could easily carry even a seventh-grader, eighth grader, just to drag him down the street a couple of hundred meters. In such cases, the children use the good old technique of movement from pillar to pillar in the wind. Often adults come to the rescue. How many times kids on the street just caught the unfamiliar uncles and aunts — just see that the child carried away by the wind somewhere in a completely unknown direction. It is very difficult in such weather, those who attend sports clubs, gyms and fitness clubs. Should be taken very carefully, for example, to dry the head.”

If the tips of the hair do not end up dried, they instantly freeze in the cold. Personally, I have had such that a strand of hair sticking out from under the cap in the end, she broke and came off.Norilsk, 22 firespaces for 14 daysand 32°in the Afternoon haze-32°cloudy NightForecast for 14 days

Antonina, Vorkuta: “actually, we had -36 the other day and no -50. Although, please, let the cold come, we’re ready. I have the boots, they are now valesi, there are cotton pants, there are Granny’s shawl. Not fat cheeks three, but just fatty cream.”

And another life hack we have for women: after I applied the cream, I applied make-up, we have to wait, so he very well absorbed, because if you’ll reach 30 degrees below zero, then it may turn into ice and then have the face to obestochivaete, to move it.Vorkuta, 22 firespaces 14 days-18°Day cloudy-18°Night driftingForecast for 14 days

Nikita, Yakutsk: “Actually, I should say that the Moscow of, say, minus 25-30 feels comparable to Yakut minus 50. In the North cold, dry, and in the capital wet and windy, so it is still unknown which is worse. Most suffer from the cold local motorists. First and foremost in financial terms, because the machine never jammed. At night the cars cover “Natashas”, as in Yakutia is called a special case, which does not allow cold to penetrate inside the machine. In the cabin for warmth, glue a second layer of glass, insulated hoods, pallets — in General, costs motorists Yakut is very large”.

Yakutsk, 22 firespaces 14 days-33°Day haze-41°a thunderstormForecast for 14 daysAt boot time the error occurred.