The American “invasion”

The American “invasion”

In Russia prepared a report on the mechanisms of Washington’s interference in the presidential election.

The U.S. is considering a presidential election on March 18 as a “historic opportunity” to put pressure on Russia and are preparing a massive intervention in the electoral process. Washington plans to use a wide range of tools including information, psychological operations and financing of the opposition. The main purpose of these stock — delegitimize the electoral process in Russia.

This is stated in the report “Intrusion. US interference in elections in the Russian Federation during the presidential campaigns 1996-2018 years”, which acquainted “Izvestia”. The author of the document member of the scientific Council under the security Council of the Russian Federation Andrey manoylo told “Izvestia” about the specific mechanisms that will be used by the States during the presidential elections in Russia.

Washington has experimented with different methods of influence on the outcome of presidential campaigns of the Russian Federation in 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012.

In the same way the US is going to come out for presidential elections, which will be held in Russia on March 18, according to the report of Andrey manoylo. According to the document, the United States has a wide network of state and non-state actors affect political processes in other countries.

In addition, the current national security strategy of the United States directly declares Russia and China one of the most dangerous States in the international arena, putting Moscow on a par with international terrorist organizations and “rogue States” (e.g. Iran and North Korea). According to the analyst, Moscow should start preparing to counter attempts to influence the presidential elections.

The paper also noted that the United States has stepped up activities to intervene in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation since the coming to power of President Vladimir Putin. That is, at a time when Russia began “to be designated as an independent player in the international arena, claiming the sovereignty in domestic issues.”