Americans began to massively destroy rifles and machine guns

Americans began to massively destroy rifles and machine guns

Holders of firearms launched a new flash mob for the destruction of their own rifles and machine guns. About it reports The Daily Dot.


The reason for this was the shooting in the Florida school where a former student shot a few dozen people.

The flash mob launched by a man named Scott Pappalardo. In posted on Facebook six-minute clip he sawed the “grinder” a semi-automatic rifle AR-15: the same weapon was Nicholas Cruz, a suspect in the murder of 17 students.

My drop in a very large bucket

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Pappalardo said that he bought a rifle 30 years ago for the fun of it, while he went to hunt and never killed anyone. “I’m going to make sure that these weapons can never take a life. The gun will never be directed at someone. Is the right to own these weapons is more important than someone’s life?” he said, before destroying the rifle.

I destroyed my gun.

I keep saying that people don’t need rapidly firing guns. Today I made it a reality, at least for myself. If you destroy a gun, be sure to report it to local law enforcement. Enjoy. #onelessgun

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For several days the video with the hashtag #OneLess (one less) has been viewed over 20 million times. Other gun owners supported the flash mob Pappalardo and posted similar videos of the destruction of the weapons.

For years I have felt pretty helpless in the face of the gun violence issue. What can I do? I study, but adults don’t…

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February 14, the teenager opened fire at an American school Marjory Stoneman Douglas. In the result, 17 people were killed and at least 14 were injured. The suspect, a former student Nicholas Cruz, detained the same day.