Biologists have found fish with eyes-the lights

Biologists have found fish with eyes-the lights

Biologists have studied how fish-trooper (Tripterygion delaisi) controls the glow of his iris. It turned out that she can choose between two colors and to control the flickering depending on the coloration of surrounding objects and prey availability. Maybe she even uses light to active orientation.

A study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

The glow of some parts of the body is common in deep sea creatures. However, there are relatively shallow fish from whom you can notice the glow around the eyes. Have blackheads trooper there are two types of such fluorescence is a standard blue and red, which occurs only if the activated cells of a particular type. In previous studies it was shown that these animals are able to perceive light marks on the bodies of individuals of the species.

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Now scientists are puzzled by the question of whether fish to control flickering, for example, to communicate with relatives or search for victims, or is it beyond their control process.

In the new work, the biologists showed troopers or crustaceans on which they feed, or other objects. Flashes of light appeared only in the presence of victims. In another experiment, fish changed color of reflected light from blue to red depending on the background tone.

The authors conclude that fish have full control over the timing and nature of the illumination and, apparently, use it to detect food, using the most contrasting combination with the environment. However, biologists say that strictly prove the last assertion has not succeeded yet — there’s a possibility that the glow lures crustaceans, but does not help the fish better locate prey.