The citizens opened the window

The citizens opened the window

How to execute multiple services in a single request.

A list of 30 services that you can get in MFC on a single request, approved by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. This became known on Wednesday, February 21. On the government website States that it “will implement one of the main principles of “one window”, which, in fact, work centres.

What does this mean for citizens and what services in reality together, to understand the portal

What’s the point?

The approved list includes three dozen services that are provided by various state agencies. In order to make two of them and more (up to 30) now it is enough to make one single enquiry. Then need to come to the MFC is not required. Personal presence will only need to pick up the final document or certificate.

In fact, it means that employees of the multifunctional center of public services make citizens all further work with the documents: from their appearance to appeal to others.

“The MFC will send the bodies providing public services, statements, signed by an authorized employee of the MFC, as well as information, documents, and information necessary for the provision included in the comprehensive request for public services,” — said in reference to the list published on the government website.

Thus, the government hopes to minimize the time it takes people to visit MFC.