In the elite Chinese prison over the camera for the officials

In the elite Chinese prison over the camera for the officials

The anti-corruption campaign in the country continues in its fifth year.

“In our jail, there was a tradition: prisoners older than 60 years could expect on the eve of the lunar New year (this year it fell on February 16.— “B”) at the festive dinner with several members of his family, reported the SCMP, a source in the administration of the prison.— But this year, we abolished this tradition, and forbade the visitors to come two weeks before and two weeks after the New year.” The reason for these measures was an unprecedented prison overcrowding.

In 2013 the law enforcement agencies and intra-party control, according to official data, subjected to various punishments over 1.35 million officials and party leaders, including some 100 tigers — civil servants of the level of Deputy Minister and above.

Most of those convicted got off with a demotion, expulsion from the party and other punishment, but a portion (exact figures are unknown) were sentenced to prison terms up to life. Especially a lot of sentences of this kind had just to high-ranking party members.

Among the recently imprisoned former head of the political-legal Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Zhou Yongkang, the head of the municipal Committee of Chongqing and a political opponent of the current Secretary General Bo Xilai, Advisor to the former Secretary General of Ling Jihua, Deputy head of the Central military Commission, Bosun. All of them convicted for “violating party discipline” and bribes. Apparently, soon will join them sun Jancay, the former head of the municipal Committee of Chongqing, which was long regarded as the most likely candidate for the post of General Secretary in 2022. He was dismissed from all posts and arrested by the organs of party control in the summer of 2017. The investigation against him is still not completed. However, the outcome no doubt. The official party newspaper of Jilin province (Mr. sun was the head of it in 2009-2012) “Jilin daily” reported on 13 February that the amount stolen “unprecedented since the founding of the PRC (i.e., since 1949.— “Kommersant”)”.

Prison, Jin Cheng Inn was built in 1958 with the help of advisers from the Soviet Union for keeping a loser of the civil war and managed to escape to Taiwan of the members of the Kuomintang. The last time max downloads it reached during the “Cultural revolution”: there is referred to a high-level “enemies of the people”. Sitting in jail, the widow of Chinese leader Mao Zedong Jiang Qing, the tenth Panchen Lama of Tibet, Chokyi Gyaltsen and many others. There detainees were kept after the riots in Tiananmen square in 1989.

The inner workings of a prison, little is known: it was rebuilt several times. It is assumed that all high-ranking captives were held in a separate building in solitary confinement, rubber sheathed. They are entitled to a weekly shower, warm blankets in winter and quite a variety of food, inaccessible to ordinary prisoners: in the early 2000-ies for the food for VIP-prisoners Cenicana answered the former chef of the five star hotel “Beijing”, periodically preparing them sea cucumbers and shark fin soup. At the disposal of the prisoners — the main party newspaper “people’s daily” and books, they can also from 19:00 to 21:00 to watch TV.

The chances that in the next year in jail will become looser, not a lot: the anti-corruption campaign in full swing.

In early March of this year at session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives should be running the national oversight Committee (NOC), which will get unprecedented powers. As reported by the state Agency “Xinhua” on 4 February, among the “12 guns of the Commission” will have the right to conduct interviews, freeze assets, close businesses, to search and to conclude the suspects into custody. The Agency emphasizes that after the enactment of the NOC all of this can be done before the court.

Michael Korotkov