The US will lead to the orbit “satellites doomsday”

The US will lead to the orbit “satellites doomsday”

MOSCOW, 16 Feb — RIA Novosti. The Pentagon plans to launch two more satellites AEHF (Advanced Extremely High Frequency), which can ensure communication in a nuclear conflict. This publication reports Popular Mechanics.

To date, there are four “satellite doomsday”, which are characterized by high resistance to electromagnetic interference. According to the US military budget for 2019 in space is planned to launch another two devices. Their costs will exceed $ 29 million.

In command of the air force emphasize that the location of the apparatus corresponds to the new nuclear doctrine. “In parallel, we need to modernize the entire nuclear triad and command and control systems that ensure its effectiveness,” — said the Minister of the air forces of the United States Heather Wilson.

Earlier it became known that in 2019, the Pentagon will invest in the development of future systems of about 677 million dollars. In addition to AEHF expected to develop error-correcting GPS satellites.

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