“Russia” was aware of the defects An-148 aircraft

“Russia” was aware of the defects An-148 aircraft

Airline “Russia”, previously owned the collapsed aircraft was preparing reports on his condition. According to “the Storm” the emergency situation on Board An was tens.


Airline “Russia” for several years owned the aircraft An-148−100, prepared reports on the operation of this model. This was reported by “the Storm” official representative “of Russia”. According to the interlocutor of the edition, wished to remain anonymous, the report noted serious shortcomings of planes, which later went to “Saratov airlines”. Such documents were other owners of Anov. The owners of the airplanes exchanged information about the existing problems.

Most of the faults of the liner, as told by another source, due to the aircraft control system and system integration of aircraft equipment. In addition, there is the unreliability of the auxiliary power unit of the aircraft (APU is a small engine, is not used to lift aircraft, and for main engine start on the ground).

“Remote control system is very a lot of rejections was she antirecords on failures,” said the source familiar with the system of operation of An-148 in Russia.

Had trouble with the doors and hatches, which often do not provide the tightness of the cabin, the problem was also with the fuselage and wing. In addition, the An-148 had problems with the air conditioning and engine performance.

For example, such that the incident took place on 4 August 2012. During the flight Voronezh — Antalya, which has made the company “Flight”, the pilots discovered a problem with the air conditioning system. Because of what was forced to urgently land the plane.

“The passenger is flying, can see how the engine vibrates, the sight may seem unpleasant,” — said the source “Storm” in the aviation industry. Another issue of the An-148 is the transaction. “The transaction has settled, since the load of the plane in some way divided,” said the source. He recognizes that the failures are from Boeing and Superjet and other models, but “there is a valid abandonment rate.”

According to pilots familiar with the An-148, malfunction during its operation are calculated even tens and hundreds.

Experts note that the An-148 is inferior in reliability of operation of the closest analogues — Russian short-haul passenger plane Sukhoi Superjet 100 passenger jet single-aisle Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ), and especially behind Boeing and Airbus.

“Boeing and Airbus nality the incident (time of operation without failures) is several times greater than that of the An-148”. While the An-148 was missing a little more than 300 hours on Airbus nality the incident amounted to more than five thousand hours on a Boeing — almost three thousand hours, the expert said.

According to experts, the problems of the An-148, in particular, due to the fact that the plane was created not so long ago (the An-148 began to develop in 2001, and flew it for the first time in 2004), and many shortcomings have not yet been eliminated.

“The testing took place virtually simultaneously with the commercial transportation, in 2009 started to produce and finish in the process of exploitation,” says the source.

He also notes that the support system of the An-148 is far behind Boeing and Airbus. The pilots used by the An-148, pointed to the fact that the manufacturer fixes the very slow faults. In addition, not all the improvements, in the opinion of the pilots, increased the reliability of the aircraft.

The report concluded that the operational reliability of the aircraft does not meet the stated and may not provide a sufficient level of safety and regularity of flights.

Rossiya Airlines

At the same time, in the public domain we found only eight serious emergency situations involving aircraft model An-148 (not counting the disaster on 11 February 2018).

Five of them occurred at the moment when the aircraft owned airline “Russia” (enters into group “Aeroflot” and carries about 50% of all air transportation from the Pulkovo airport).

At the moment in the Park of the airline listed 72 aircraft, of which in the operating state 62, and the rest in storage. Its fleet of “Russia” began to update more in 2013. Now all the aircraft companies is a foreign Boeings and Airbuses. However, in the period from 2009 to 2017 in the state were those of Ana (148−100B). Now they use “Saravia”. With three aircraft already had problems with the equipment.

So, in 2012, the aircraft with number RA-61701 flew off the wheel. And two years earlier, this same aircraft has experienced a failure in the control system. By the way, in 2017 this Board became the donor for the plane, to the fateful flight Moscow — Orsk.

A similar breakage was and on the other “Antonov”. In December 2012 during a flight to Chelyabinsk, the commander noticed a problem with the control, a fault was discovered immediately after takeoff. So the plane decided to put all in the same Pulkovo. Because of this incident, the pilots had to circle the airport for two hours, producing fuel. Then on Board were 65 passengers. The aircraft was landed safely — no injuries.

Board RA-61704, flight Moscow — Orsk

I crashed on Sunday that the plane, there were two emergencies in the summer of 2013.

At this point, the An-148 was operated by the company “Russia”.

The first incident occurred during a flight Saint Petersburg — Sochi. After takeoff in one of the turbines of the plane hit a bird causing engine failure. Then the crew decided to land the ship at Pulkovo. An-148 landed safely in 14 minutes. Anybody from passengers has not suffered.

That same summer, August 23, at about 12:45, at the time of departure from Minvody airport the An-148 burst the tire of the front chassis. The plane in Pulkovo. On Board were 70 people. In St. Petersburg he landed safely at 15:45.

Board RA-61704 in August 2011 was a record for flight hours among the aircraft of its version: 21 June 2010 (date of commissioning. — Note. “The storm”), he managed to bump 400 hours and 45 minutes. All in all, the machine performs an average of 27 flights per week. Moscow — Orsk.

The plane crashed Sunday afternoon in the suburbs. After four minutes after takeoff the crew stopped communicating. The wreckage was discovered in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow region. On Board were 71 people (65 passengers and six crew members).

The causes of the tragedy are still being investigated. Meanwhile, the Ministry of transport is considering the suspension of flights of the An-148 to ascertain all the circumstances of the incident.

Replace The An-148

According to experts, in case of withdrawal from the market of the An-148 this model on the market can replace the CRJ aircraft or Superjets Sukhoi.

“If speed is not important, then our Soviet An-24 can insure. On the 24th An-148 can be replaced in Yakutia and Transbaikalia. They, of course, smaller and slower flying, and carrying capacity are lower than that of the An-148”, — added the expert.

Also “hedge” the disappearance from the market of the An-148 could the Soviet Tu-134, the replacement of which just created 148, as the more lightweight, economical and modern. However, the Tu-134 — not in service, obsolete, and now is not profitable in the operation, explained the expert.

Ilya Gorshkov.

Andrey Dubrovsky.