The investigation came to the scene of the explosion

The investigation came to the scene of the explosion

Experts of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) has begun deciphering the flight recorders of the crashed in the Moscow region on Sunday a passenger An-148−100 In “the Saratov airlines”. The results of this procedure, the result will be determined with the basic version of the catastrophe, while the most likely participants in the investigation, called ice, which the plane could fall into a tailspin, technical failure or crew error. Prosecutors, meanwhile, has begun to examine government agencies, monitor the activities of airline “Saratov airlines”.


That both flight recorders from the crashed An-148 delivered to the laboratory the POPPY became known on Monday evening. The search for the wreckage of the aircraft, of elements of its rigging, and the remains of Holocaust victims on the territory of 30 hectares were about 900 employees of the Ministry. The area where you crashed An-148, abundantly covered with snow, so in some cases, rescuers had to heat it by heat gun. In the MOE reported about the discovery of nearly 500 items of the crashed cars and more than 1,400 fragments of the bodies of the victims.

The participants in the proceedings are still not in a hurry to nominate the priority version of the tragedy. Official representative SKR Svetlana Petrenko said that before the collision with the ground the plane was intact and not burned, and the explosion, which was recorded by the surveillance cameras of private houses nearby the village, there was already if the car falls or immediately after it. According to the Kommersant’s sources, the investigators have interviewed the entire top management “Saratov airlines” and the airlines office, the security forces conducted a seizure of documents. Investigative action was also conducted at the airport of Penza, where the crashed plane was flying in that day from one of its flights to Moscow. There, the police seized the documents relating to the flight, as well as samples of fuel, which was fueled plane.

However, the Director of the airport Yuri Oskolkov in an interview with “Kommersant” categorically named bankrupt any assumptions about the poor quality kerosene: “the Plane was all standard procedure, and see how much he flew before the crash”.

One of the possible versions of the tragedy can become the icing of aircraft during climb. “Refusing treatment with liquid anti-icing, the crew were able to save time, because the flight already was delayed a bit, and money — the cost of the procedure can be compared with the price of 10-20 of flights”, — said the source “b” familiar with the investigation.

Meanwhile to the proceedings was joined by several of the County’s transport Prosecutor’s offices — Urals, Volga and South have informed in supervising Department. In addition to checking the documents of the airline’s An-148, airports of departure and arrival nazarski the study and actions of regulatory authorities, including the Volga management of rostransnadzora.

Themselves “Saratov airlines” temporarily abandoned exploitation of An-148 to determine the causes of the incident. On regular lines these cars planned to replace the existing airline Brazilian Embraer (E-195) and Yak-42D. “Saratov airlines” three leased from GTK Rossiya An-148. The second Russian private operator of this machine — Irkutsk airline “Angara” — has already announced that it will suspend flights on it, since “there is no doubt of safety on the plane.” Flights from Orsk instead of “Saratov airlines” temporarily performs Udmurt “Izhavia” on the Yak-42D, whose representatives have declared that “are ready to do” Orsk “in this difficult moment”.

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Meanwhile, the developers and manufacturers of the An-148 are confident in the reliability of the machine. “This Board was assembled in Voronezh, and Kiev Antonov design Bureau was engaged only in the design documentation,” — said “Kommersant” a source close to the Ministry of transport of Ukraine.

The crashed car was released in 2010 and in June of the same year was operated by GTK “Russia”. In April 2015 the management “Russia” parked “on a trick”, referring to its economic inefficiency. She stood for about a year and a half in storage in St. Petersburg, and then in early 2017 was leased to “Saratov airlines” along with four similar machines.

According to “Kommersant”, in all that time issued the An-148 Voronezh aircraft factory, the victim of the accident the machine was only once: after “Saratov airlines” received the plane, they sent it to Voronezh on painting in your corporate livery.

On Monday, the Ministry of health of the Orenburg region reported that doctors in a hospital number 4 Orsk raised 29 “samples of genetic material” from relatives of victims of the disaster (still have two people samples were taken in a different region). These samples were delivered to Moscow by plane EMERCOM.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, the families will get approximately 3.5 million rubles. It is not only about payments “Alfa Insurance”, which should be slightly more than RUB 2 million for family of each deceased (the company opened a temporary office in Orsk to work with the families of the victims): financial aid promise and power of all regions, which were home to the passengers of the plane. In addition, “Saratov airlines” promised to pay 1 million rubles to the families of the crew members, and the administration of the Tambov region, where he lived, the aircraft commander Valery Gubanov, would consider “full support” of remaining his wife and daughter. They, along with the pilot-in-law already went to identify the bodies to Moscow.

Vsevolod Inyutin; Yanina Sokolovskaya, Kyiv, Ukraine; Sergey Petunin, Saratov, Russia; Andrey Sazonov, Samara