In Scotland produced the strongest gene in the world

In Scotland produced the strongest gene in the world

MOSCOW, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. Scottish distillery Twin River has created the strongest in the world 77% gin, the newspaper the Daily Record.

World’s strongest gin! @TwinRiverSpirit
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— Aberdeen Whisky Shop (@abzwhiskyshop) February 10, 2018

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According to her, the company has released a limited batch of 101 bottles of drink called Uncut (Uncut). The drink will be presented at the festival in Inverurie in North East Scotland.

The businessman noted that the majority of gins have the fortress of 40-50%, therefore, the consumption of the drink need to be cautious.

According to the newspaper, gin Uncut broke the previous record. Last year, the Swedish distillery has released a gin fortress 76%.