In Moscow, the teacher forbade the students to go to the toilet, check

In Moscow, the teacher forbade the students to go to the toilet, check

MOSCOW, 10 Feb — RIA Novosti. Service check goes in the Moscow Lyceum № 1975 in respect of the class teacher, parents resolvera students “memo” prohibiting students to go to the toilet on the lesson without the presence of the medical certificate, told RIA Novosti the Director of the Lyceum Valentin Setagawa.

Earlier, several media outlets reported that the teacher sent to parents of students a “memo”, which said banning students leaving class early without written parental consent and go to the bathroom in the classroom without the presence of medical certificate about health.

“Memo” is incompetent, and to be guided it is not necessary. All local acts educational organizations, establishing the rights and responsibilities of students, submitted for consideration and approval of the governing Board of the school. All adopted internal regulations of schools are published on the official website in accordance with applicable law, said Setagawa RIA Novosti.

She stressed that the fact of distribution of false information is an internal investigation.

“I like the school Director declare that this situation will be disassembled and such evidence of misconduct on the part of employees will not be repeated”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

The headmaster stressed that apologizes to the parents of the students.