Scientists told how long the man in the suit of “Tesla” Mask

Scientists told how long the man in the suit of “Tesla” Mask

MOSCOW, February 9 — RIA Novosti. Astronaut wearing a spacesuit “star man” of the sports car Elon musk, derived in the space last Wednesday, will be able to live in outer space only a few minutes, informs the Internet-portal LiveScience.

“It is obvious that the SpaceX suit, like any other system of its kind, will be useless without the spacecraft or a portable life support systems. In their absence the suit cannot maintain a constant pressure inside, to remove CO2 and to provide the astronaut necessary amount of oxygen. In General, people will stretch to it a few minutes before he dies because of anoxia, hypercapnia and blood boil,” says John Charles (John Charles), President of the American Association of space medicine.

In this environment in space, was sent the first “space vehicle” sports car “Tesla”, owned by Elon musk, founder of SpaceX. This machine has been bred into Earth orbit and sent on an endless journey towards Mars and the asteroid belt aboard a experimental heavy rocket Falcon Heavy, which accomplished the first successful flight.

The car owner was not empty because of its wheel sat a mannequin, named “star man” in honor of “Starman”, one of the songs from the fifth album by the British rock musician David Bowie. When the car went into orbit, his “passenger” was celebrated this accomplishment, losing two Bowie songs, “Space Oddity” and “Life on Mars?”on the radio machine that could see over two million spectators of the cosmic show, watching the flight on the SpaceX Youtube channel.