In Amsterdam, tourists were forbidden to watch for prostitutes

In Amsterdam, tourists were forbidden to watch for prostitutes

MOSCOW, February 9 — RIA Novosti. From April 2018 severely tightened the rules of visiting the Red light district in Amsterdam. Guests will not be allowed to photograph the workers in the sex industry to make noise and drink alcohol.

Guides need a special permit to conduct tours for tourists numbering from five to 20 people. The more populous groups are banned.

Such stringent measures, the municipal authorities explain the fact that in recent years the number of tourists visiting the Red light district, has increased significantly. At peak time from 11 to 12 PM — the block can walk about 27 groups.

Since the spring of this year, tourists and guides have to follow certain rules.

“The tour must end by 11 PM. Groups are not allowed to stay in places where there are crowded on the bridges, in front of the entrances to the shops. It is impossible to photograph sex workers business, and guides should ensure that tourists stood with his back to employees of the entertainment industry. The screams, the use of alcohol and drugs during the tours are also prohibited. Before the tour guide should inform the participants that they showed respect for the residents, businesses and workers in the sex business,” says the official website of the authorities of Amsterdam.

For violation of the restrictions face a fine of 190 euros for a self guide and 950 Euro for the travel company. In the case of the three offenses, the guide will lose their license.

The municipality is also considering the introduction of special tax on participants in such tours.