From vulgarity to sport: surprising facts about the strip in his birthday

From vulgarity to sport: surprising facts about the strip in his birthday

9 Feb 1893, exactly 125 years ago, in the legendary Parisian cabaret “Moulin Rouge” for the first time in modern history, was shown the strip.

The origin of this dance and how its perception has changed over the years, from illegal and indecent actions to self-direction in sport — in the material of the portal Moscow 24.

There are several versions of when and where took place the first performance of erotic dance with nudity, which later became known as the strip. The most common version States that this happened during a party by students of art schools in the cabaret “Moulin Rouge” is open for four years before on the borders of the entertainment district of Montmartre in Paris.

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During the festival one of the Nudes, flushed with champagne, jumped on the table and slowly stripped to the sound of music, come before the public in his “professional” costume. Girls do not go unpunished: it was immediately arrested for lewd behavior and taken to the police station and fined a hundred francs (decent at the time amount). The police action sparked anger and protests soon, and all resulted in riots. The students emerged victorious in the battle of conservatism with a love of freedom — after the scandal, the ban on the strip was removed.

Of course, erotic dance, often includes nudity, was not invented in the late nineteenth century. In one form or another Striptease existed since time immemorial. Often the ancient dance-nudity wore the iconic character. So was the case with Indian temple dancers with bagirmi and the Egyptian followers of the cult of Osiris, obyavleniya in the dance in the result of ritual sacrifice.

Another ancient prototype of Striptease — the so-called dance of the wasps, during which roll up in blankets girl the music took them away from myself, simulating a search entangled in her clothes wasps (this dance was revived in the late nineteenth century).

Dance strip existed in Babylon and Ancient Rome. However, the guardians of morality, who fought with nudity, were at all times. A well-known story of the famous Athenian artist’s model and hetaera Phryne. Different unusual for his profession secrecy, and shame, and prefer in everyday life, is dense, closed clothes, the girl was naked only twice a year during the mysteries, putting off her clothes on the steps of the temple performing ritual bath in honor of the gods.

Served as a subject of admiration and inspired the sculptors, she was accused of impiety by one of her rejected suitors. To avoid punishment the death penalty the Phryne helped beauty: as the last argument before the court her lawyer, orator Hypereides brought the defendant to the barrier and tore off her clothes. Personally listref unearthly beauty, the Thais, the judges decided not to admit the girl is guilty (this would contradict the views of the Greek perfect).

Shortly after its revival in the late nineteenth century an erotic dance gave the world not a famous dancer.

Among them — the legendary Mata Hari, the spy, vidumavi and, “to please Shiva” obrazovanja on the stage strewn with rose petals. The other star of the heyday of cabaret — a black dancer and singer Josephine Baker in her famous banana skirt in the speakers of the Parisian variety show “Folies Bergere”.

Nicknamed black Venus, she introduced the Paris audience with the Charleston, and German nudists became a symbol of freedom. Used in their dances the set of elements included in the practice until years later, she was far ahead of his time. Gained immense popularity and even had time to celebrate on stage the 50 anniversary of the stage career, Baker became the first and only American to be buried in France with military honors.

Among the Russian “precursors” of the strip can be called a Go the famous Rubinstein — actress and dancer, who performed on 20 December 1908 in the framework of the drama of Oscar Wilde’s “Salome” dance of the seven veils. Unrolling one after another heavy brocade bedspreads, the end of the performance the dancer remained onstage in a light dress, which consisted of rows of colored beads on a sketch by Leon Bakst. It is the dance of the seven veils, for the first time made ballet erotica, instantly glorified Rubinstein and became the springboard for her international career.

Despite the relevance and interest of the public, the strip was not permitted everywhere. For example, in Britain in the 1930-ies during the generation of the first show with Nude dancers, a ban on dancing without clothes. To get around this law, naked models began to appear on stage within a static “tableaux” or standing on moving devices. The laws have changed in favor of the outcrops only in the 1960-ies, which immediately provoked the country’s boom of strip clubs. A similar situation was observed in the United States.

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Official permission and the active dissemination of the strip in the late 1960’s quite quickly brought him to the States for discharge cheap and shoddy action, lot of people from the working class. This provoked the appearance by the end of 1990-ies a new direction — noborisaka, revives the tradition of classic burlesque first half of the twentieth century and be moved the emphasis from a purely erotic show on the dance-Comedy entertainment show, where partial nudity is only one element of the show.

The development of the strip has led to the popularity of pole dancing in the late twentieth century it was played mainly in canadian dance clubs. From Canada, the dance has spread around the world. To some extent it helped the popularity grow in an independent direction shestova acrobatics, in which the performer stands on one or two pylons, combining in his speech the elements of acrobatics, dance and gymnastics.

In recent years, pole dance is developing as a separate form of acrobatics, and sports direction, part of the disciplines of air force athletics. To date, there are separate competitions in this discipline, and the artistic pole dancing focuses on performing tricks and has nothing to do with erotica and nudity.