Reporters caught Sobchak on the word

Reporters caught Sobchak on the word

Ksenia Sobchak, who is now in USA and performs in various American universities, yesterday I made a mistake, which instantly took advantage of the journalists “First channel”.

In the evening news block on the course of the campaign, journalists were told about what is now engaged each of the candidates, Zhirinovsky speaks in Ekaterinburg, Titov receives the identity of the candidate, Grigory Yavlinsky talks about his election campaign, and Sobchak in the midst of election campaign in the United States.

In the story the journalists reported that “the first thing Sobchak went for a walk at the White house”. Moreover, the authors of the plot took a small piece of video from her instagram, where between Sobchak and Krasovsky occurred following dialogue:

— Anton, well, go to their overseas owners, right?

— Yes, you am, Ksenia A., for salary.

If you watch the entire video, it becomes obvious that everything said is a joke. However, taken out of context this piece of video, the authors of the plot have ensured that the dialogue is perceived more seriously and compromises as Krasouski, and Sobchak.

The reason for the attack information has provided itself Sobchak, who made a mistake by posting controversial material. Now the majority of Russians have a rather negative attitude towards the United States, and similar conversations (albeit in comic form), filed in a specific way, will only scare off the electorate.

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