“I believe the mission.” The Network has surprised Corgi “saddled” pony

“I believe the mission.” The Network has surprised Corgi “saddled” pony

MOSCOW, 8 Feb — RIA Novosti. In social networks gaining popularity video with ponies, rolling his “best friend” dog.

Video published by a resident of the city of Bolivar, Missouri, has already been seen over 5.7 million times, they have shared 93 thousand people. In the video a little horse with a dog breed Corgi on the back first, just stands there, then begins to run. Women over react to this violent laughter.

Later, she added that the dog was not injured and that pony lost an eye in the incident, Corgi has nothing to do. According to Schenker, she did not expect that video will become viral, she just wanted to share it with your friends. “I was lucky I even made this video, because the battery in the phone is almost completely dead,” she said.

Video amused many users of social networks. Many just shared their impression about this unusual friendship, and some built whole conspiracy theory.

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“Because of this, I was laughing at the voice! How did Corgi climbed on a horse!”writes Charlene Short Barnes.

“Wonderful friends,” writes Rebecca Serrell.

“When the parents of the dog I don’t want him talking to strangers.” jokes Ellie Baus.

“Do not mess with them. They seem to be on a mission,” suggests Brett Bradley.

“Unlikely friendship — the best kind of friendship,” writes sherry Yeu.

“Doggy wants to be a cowboy!”writes Ninja k on YouTube.

“Two hooligans! It explains all suspicious activity on the farm!”—writes inkedtwinmom 13.

“The dog looks back, “Damn, looks like we have a problem,” writes mslizzyborden.