Wedding Japanese Princess Mako postponed for two years

Wedding Japanese Princess Mako postponed for two years

Moscow. 6 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — the Wedding of the granddaughter of the Japanese Emperor Akihito Princess Mako and her former classmate, Kaya Komuro postponed to 2020 due to the anticipated transfer of the throne, her uncle the Prince of Naruhito in April next year, said on Tuesday the Agency Kyodo.

“The wedding celebrations will be postponed by two years in connection with several important family events and the need to prepare for them. In addition, we want to rethink our decision and prepare for marriage and life after it”, — said in a joint statement, Princess Mako and Komuro.

In September last year, Princess Mako and Komuro announced their engagement. It was planned that the wedding celebration will take place in November 2018.

If the wedding will take place, the Princess will have to give up the status of member of the Imperial family, because her fiance is a commoner.

It is expected that the 83-year-old Emperor Akihito will renounce the throne in favor of his son, Naruhito 30 April 2019.

So far the abdication of the monarch in Japan was impossible. But last year, Akihito has addressed the nation, reiterating his desire to leave the throne because of his age. In the summer of 2017, the Japanese Parliament passed a law that allows him to abdicate. However, this document only refers to the current Emperor.