“They will change for the better»

“They will change for the better»

Finalist of the contest “Leaders of Russia” about why you decided to become a teacher.

In early February, Sochi will host the final of the contest “Leaders of Russia”. Young leaders from private business and government agencies — will again have to show your organizational skills. The winners will receive the chance to enter a special program of development of administrative talent pool. Among the candidates — Valery Astany. Once a boy, he experienced the beginning of the first Chechen war, became a refugee, and then decided to become a teacher. And for 15 years raising children.

Valerie remembers the pre-war Grozny. Here he went to the first class. Three years later, the war began: “the Bombing began on 31 December 1994. I remember it exactly: for new year’s table managed to get the chicken, and here it is on the table — and now the bombing. Plaster crumbled, and straight to the chicken. Adults cleared it and congratulated each other, although I think they were at that time no fun,” recalls Astany.

In the house, where the apartment Aslanukov, the militants seized the apartments of the first floor and established his headquarters. And on the street could not see the sun was burning oil rigs, and the smoke completely obscured the sky.