The pilot of the second su-25 was told as a covered victim in Syria, major Filipova

The pilot of the second su-25 was told as a covered victim in Syria, major Filipova

MOSCOW, February 7. /TASS./ Driven from a pair of su-25 covered catapult and lead the fight on the ground with terrorists, major Filipova until enough fuel. Trying to save the commander, the pilot shot down at least two cars of the militants. He told about it in interview to the newspaper “Red star”.

3 Feb pair of Russian attack aircraft performed a flyby in the area of de-escalation “Idlib”. Was the leading Roman Filipov. The rebels managed to shoot it down the plane of portable anti-aircraft missile system — the missile hit the right engine. The pilot tried to keep the plane in the air, but the engines are failing one by one. Filipov ejected and took the fight to the ground. Being severely wounded and surrounded, he blew himself up with a grenade.

“A voice he didn’t flinch when I warned: “you work! Output! Pitch, pitch! Maneuver!”. “Yeah, see!”replied the host.

And then so calmly, like it was said about something trivial and minor: “I’m hit…”. And then: “Well… got the Fire right… Pull to the South… And the left is…”. And twenty seconds extreme: “Call of PSO… (search-and-rescue squad — approx. TASS),” — said the pilot of the slave su-25.

Filipov then ordered the pilot of the second attack to “go cloud”, but the pilot tried air-strikes to repel the terrorists.

“I always had the commander in the air, it had to be done, on earth when he took the fight. Remained in the area and has performed several attacks, have worked on cars that were approaching the olive grove, where had an affair. Destroyed two car — told the pilot. — At the same time continued to pass on the CP coordinates, called search-and-rescue service. The landing place of the commander I saw, but the fight itself — no, it was dusk . Had to go with emergency fuel, straight-only to hold on to the airfield.”

The novel Filipovo posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia. The major was the pilot of the first class with a touch — 1300 hours, on account of his — 80 sorties. It was his second trip to Syria.