Pyongyang has condemned the US nuclear doctrine and announced the continuation of its missile and nuclear programs

Pyongyang has condemned the US nuclear doctrine and announced the continuation of its missile and nuclear programs

The statement noted that the DPRK will not use nuclear weapons until the “hostile forces” will not infringe on the sovereignty of the country.


TASS, 7 Feb. The US plans for the development of nuclear weapons, including tactical warheads with low-yield warheads referred to in the new nuclear doctrine and also declared the possibility of using nuclear weapons even against non-nuclear attacks by saying that us President Donald trump “looking for nuclear war.” This assessment of the new nuclear doctrine of the United States gave in the DPRK, noting that the position of the United States confirms the validity of the development of Pyongyang of its nuclear weapons, passed Tuesday night by the KCNA.

The statement of the representative of the Institute for the US under the foreign Ministry of the DPRK which led the North Korean Agency, United States called “nuclear state criminal”, which was the only country that has used nuclear weapons and “unleashed a nuclear Holocaust on the head of a few hundred thousand people” in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Washington, according to KCNA, adheres to consistent policy “to realize the ambitious plan to dominate the world based on absolute nuclear superiority”.

These facts, continues the author of the review, confirm the validity of the approach of Pyongyang to develop its own nuclear weapons to ensure national security. “Today’s harsh reality where the US tyranny and violence, brazenly violate international laws, haphazardly waving the nuclear club and declare their intention to dominate the world, clearly proved that a hundred or a thousand times was right chosen way strengthen nuclear deterrence forces,” — says the expert, noting that the circumstances have convinced Pyongyang that a path of parallel development of economy and nuclear program “must be vigorously pursued to go to the end.”

In this regard, the author notes that DPRK, as a “peace-loving and responsible nuclear power”, would not use nuclear weapons and to threaten them, “while aggressive, hostile forces do not encroach on the sovereignty and interests” of the country.

“However, actions that violate the peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, we will respond with resolute measures”, — he concluded.

The Pentagon last week announced an updated nuclear doctrine of the United States. In it, in particular, it is noted that the United States spread their commitment to deterrence against use of nuclear weapons in more than 30 States.

Among the countries representing the “nuclear threat” for the United States and its allies, the document, numbering 75 pages, listed Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

The Pentagon said they did not rule out the use of atomic weapons in case of attack on the United States using conventional weapons.