Like the Kardashians earn for yourself

Like the Kardashians earn for yourself

The family Kardashian the next replenishment: the youngest of five sisters, 20-year-old Kylie Jenner, gave birth to a daughter. It happened on the 1st of February, but to tell this young mother decided several days later. While the world watches the video devoted to the birth of a new Kardashian, wondering what name she received, “Газета.Ru” tells, what make members of the star family.

The total income of the Kardashian family: $122,5 million for 2016

The whole family gained popularity after the release of the first season of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians (“the Family Kardashian”) in 2007. Since then, the glory of all the members of this family went far beyond his native of Calabasas, California, and six children Kris Jenner became real businessmen with multimillion-dollar army of fans.

The show was launched after scandalous home video Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend rapper Ray J resulted in the network. Kim has long ceased to be a personal assistant to Paris Hilton, in 2017, “the Family Kardashian” celebrated the anniversary, and 10 years of its existence has added a substantial amount to the budget of the Kardashian-Jenner.

Kris Jenner, 62. In 2016: $11.5 million

“Manager” — a word that patented Chris, perfectly describes its business strategy. In 2007, thanks to her came the famous reality TV on channel E!. Throughout her career her children, she was their personal Manager: found a modeling Agency for a 14-year-old Kendall, drove to the shooting of 16-year-old Kylie. Not confirmed the rumors, that Chris posted a video of Kim of erotic content in the Internet. Now the mother of the family Kardashian gets their interest with each child and no one of them does not provide. She does shows, publishes books with his biography and recipes — in short, collect the fruits of years of investment.

Kourtney Kardashian, for 38 years. In 2016: $37 million

The eldest of the sisters, in addition to producing the reality show deals with brands in their social media accounts and your smartphone app. Courtney became the face of hair vitamins SugarBearHair and the brand’s skin care organic Manuka Doctor. Also she and Chloe and Kim runs the shop DASH clothing boutiques in Calabasas, Los Angeles and new York.

Kim Kardashian-West, for 37 years. Revenue: $175 million

In 2016, the first edition of its line of KKW Beauty was completely sold out in two and a half hours — and in 5 minutes brought $14.5 million In 2017, the scent of her perfume line “made” $10 million per day, despite the fact that we are talking about the online sales — buyers didn’t even know how to smell this perfume.

Fashion, beauty, sports, television and the Internet are new articles of income for her vast Empire. Currently, 40% of the total profit it brings in AppStore game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Since launching in 2014 the toy on the telephone for $ 2 downloaded 45 million users. Companies that want to be the star of instagram, touting their products, will be forced to pay about $500 thousand for one post in her account. Kim is also the Executive producer of “Family Kardashian” and she continues to receive the income from sales of her book, Selfish, which published hundreds of selfie teledive.