In the UK lamb born with five legs

In the UK lamb born with five legs

MOSCOW, 5 Feb — RIA Novosti. In the UK, was born a lamb with five legs, reports The Northern Echo.

A strange animal was born on a farm in the Northern part of the country. His owner has no doubt that platinovoe creature will survive, but gave him the nickname of Hope (Hope — approx.).

Rare five-legged lamb is now part of a farming family

— The Northern Echo (@TheNorthernEcho) February 4, 2018

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A mammal has three fully developed front legs with a small bone in one of them. In this Hope, according to the owners, acting like a lamb and did not feel any discomfort.

As the newspaper notes, initially the animal was grown for slaughter, but after the lamb was fulfilled two weeks, the woman decided to keep it as a pet.