Media: injured in a helicopter crash will receive a record compensation of $100 million

Media: injured in a helicopter crash will receive a record compensation of $100 million

TASS, 2 Feb. , The medical officer, seriously injured in U.S. helicopter crash the ambulance in which he was receive a record amount of compensation in the amount of $100 million in the pre-trial settlement. This was reported on Friday by Reuters.

The helicopter crashed in the U.S. city of Frisco (Colorado) in 2015, on its Board there were three persons. They were taken to hospital with serious injuries and burns, and later one of them died.

The victim, David Repsher, the surface of the body of which more than 90% was covered with burns, has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the helicopter, the Franco-German company Airbus Helicopters — with the requirement about compensation.

Another Respondent was made by serving the vehicle company Air Methods.

According to counsel Repsher Gary Robb, the tragedy occurred was the fault of Airbus Helicopters, a helicopter does not provide a shockproof fuel system which would have prevented the fire in case of a crash. Robb noted that the technology according to the rules should be installed on all helicopters manufactured after 1994. In addition, according to the lawsuit, serving the vehicle mechanics are “not carried out necessary repairs, maintenance and inspection”.

The case was scheduled for March, but the company has agreed not to bring the case to court and pay Rapshare $100 million — a record amount ever recovered one victim in the pre-trial agreement.

According to Robb, after the incident the condition of his client was critical, the doctors expect that within days he will die. Contrary to their predictions Repsher survived, but was in the hospital for 11 months. The lawyer also said that another victim, Matthew Bowe, also filed a lawsuit in court. As in the case of Apsheron, a plea agreement in his case achieved, but the amount of compensation is not disclosed.