Almost 40% of Russians supported the equating cohabitation to marriage

Almost 40% of Russians supported the equating cohabitation to marriage

Almost half of Russians do not condemn cohabitation without official registration of relations, but to recognize this marriage in the Russian society is not ready, have informed “Interfax” sociologists VTSIOM.

According to the study, the living together of men and women without a stamp in the passport considered a normal 46% of Russians (among unmarried and 56% among 18-24 year olds — 59%). At the same time, 45% of respondents do not approve of such relationships (55% among 60 years and older, 52% among women).

However, the majority of Russians (56%) does not recognize marriage “between a man and a woman, for a long time, living together but not registered as an official family in the civil registry office”. The opposite opinion is shared by 37% of participants nationwide telephone survey conducted January 25-26, 2000 among respondents.

In respect of couples with children are less differentiated opinions: 48% of Russians believe that in this case cannot be considered as unregistered relationship marriage, 42% think it is possible. Almost three quarters (71%) agree that the birth of children should be preceded by the official registration of marriage in the registry office (23% do not consider it mandatory).

Against the initiative to recognize unregistered relationships marriage favors 50% of Russians (54% of married couples and 43% among those living together without registration).

Their argument — “marriage should be legal/official” (36%), “children must be born in a complete family” (11%), “marriage is an equal rights and responsibilities of spouses, the responsibility for the family” (10%).

To equate cohabitation to marriage the official ready 38% of respondents (34% among married and 45% among those living together without registration). They say that “it doesn’t matter, there is registration or not, if people consider themselves to be family” (20%), “most live as/is the norm” (12%), “a long cohabitation — is the family” (8%).

As reported, on January 22 in the state Duma was introduced a bill to introduce to the Family code of the Russian Federation the concept of “de facto relationship”. Under this definition, as proposed by the Federation Council member Anton Belyakov, should be subject to “unregistered in the prescribed manner the Union of a man and woman living together and having a common economy”.