USA compare Russia and China with the colonial powers

USA compare Russia and China with the colonial powers

The growing presence of Russia and China in Latin America hinders Washington. About it at the University of Texas said the U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson, according to the South Morning China Post.

The American diplomat said that Russia “continues to sell weapons and military equipment to unfriendly regimes that do not respect democratic values”.

While Tillerson has noticed that Washington cannot remain indifferent to the situation and will “to protect themselves from distant countries” who do not agree with US policy.

According to the Secretary of state in Latin America also, the influence of China, a policy which he likened to the policies of the colonial powers of the past. “Latin America does not need a new Imperial power that seeks only the benefit of his people,” — said Tillerson.

In his opinion, implemented in Latin America, the Chinese projects will not benefit. Thus, according to Tillerson, in the orbit of China today are Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

His statement Tillerson made before the trip to Latin America. February 3, he will visit Argentina, Peru, he will stay 5-th and 6-th, where I will fly to Colombia. Completed tour on 7 February in Jamaica.

At the end of December 2017, Rex Tillerson, in his article stated that no illusions regarding Russia but considers it necessary for the United States to establish a relationship with her.