In Cairo, police found a “factory of donor organs»

In Cairo, police found a “factory of donor organs»

CAIRO, Feb 2 — RIA Novosti, Margarita Kislova. A gang of doctors and middlemen who trade in donor kidneys revealed Egyptian police in Cairo, writes news portal “Youm7”.

Criminals through intermediaries were found who needed the money “donors” who were convinced for 25 thousand Egyptian pounds (about 1.4 thousand U.S. dollars) to sell their kidneys. Then the “donors” came to Cairo, where for several days they lived in a rented apartment and was tested. The admission of such “patients” was in his private office one of the detained doctors. Then the “donor” were transported to a private clinic where attracted to gang activity, the surgeon performed the surgery.

As told by the victims of criminals, five thousand pounds (about 300 dollars) they paid before surgery and the rest of the money could be obtained only after the following was the donor, so the former patients were forced to seek new patients “factory organs”, otherwise the payment for the sold a kidney they had received.

Currently, all members of a gang are detained, victims give testimony.