“Masloprodukt” bottled in court. Sentenced the first defendant in the case of the former Deputy head of the Ministry of agriculture

“Masloprodukt” bottled in court. Sentenced the first defendant in the case of the former Deputy head of the Ministry of agriculture

As it became known””, the court delivered its first judgment in proceedings with the multibillion-dollar embezzlement in the created ex-Deputy head of the Ministry of agriculture Alexei Bazhanov group “masloprodukt”. His former employee Sergei Tsvetkov received three years in prison for complicity in the theft of equipment purchased with 1,125 billion rubles, allocated to “Rosagroleasing” for the butter in the Voronezh region.

The case of Sergey Tsvetkov was seen in the Novousmansky court of Voronezh region in a special manner. Mr. Flowers is recognized as an accomplice in a large fraud (article 33, part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code). The public prosecution demanded for Sergey Tsvetkov three years in a General regime colony. The accused and his lawyers asked the judge Alexei Rukavina not to impose a penalty involving deprivation of liberty, promising “to continue to cooperate with the investigation.” “The indictment emphasizes that he was the nominal head. He had no real powers. In fact, it is proposed to plant for three years because he didn’t sign,” explained the judge, the lawyer Alexei Khorolsky. Representatives of “Rosagroleasing”, the acclaimed victims, told the court that, too, I see no reason to assign the accused a real date.

In the end, Mr. Galavin fully agreed with the position of the prosecution. Sergei Tsvetkov previously spent in detention and house arrest for eight months, therefore, if the sentence will come into force (protection is going to appeal), he will spend in prison for 2 years and 4 months.

Sergei Tsvetkov in 2009 was listed as CEO of “Vita”, through which the company “Masloprodukt” has purchased equipment for an oil extraction plant in Verkhnekhavsky district. This “Rosagroleasing” allocated 1,125 billion. the Investigation proved that the resulting technique was abducted through her renewal in other legal entity. Investigative Department of the MIA of Russia became interested in this story in spring 2013 and opened a criminal case against Alexei Bazhanov. The wording of the charges against the former officials was changed several times. In April of the same year he was arrested together with former members of “Masloprodukt” Roman Malov and Sergey Dudenkov — other alleged accomplices in the theft through “Vitu”. They were later joined by another defendant — lawyer group Denis Kurilov. However, 30 Dec 2013 Alexei Bazhanov, who was released from custody immediately disappeared and was declared internationally wanted.

And in the beginning of 2014, the amount of alleged fraud in the “Masloprodukt” damage increased by almost ten times. In addition to the episode “Twisted” the former official was accused of fraudulent misappropriation of more than RUB 10 billion of loans to Svyaz-Bank, which was given to the structures of “Masloprodukt” for the purchase of raw materials and operations.

According to investigators, the company that took these loans and give them mortgages, have gone through a long and complicated chain of mutual acquisitions, mergers, and liquidations. As a result, the Bank remained without money and without collateral. In the proceedings there were two defendants — the Director of factory Nikolay Radishev and financier Olga Lauzemis. It militiamen consider as the author of the scheme of withdrawal.

Olga Lauzemis is in the international wanted list, and Nikolai Radishev under house arrest. Alexei Bazhanov now lives in England, and the whereabouts of Mrs. Lauzemis is not known. Both pleaded not guilty. Surrounded by finansistka saying she was “only a consultant”, “no money, no conclusions doesn’t work”, as evidenced by the fact that the investigators were able to arrest only “bought many years ago in the mortgage the apartment in Moscow.”

Vsevolod Inyutin