Forget about 10,000 steps is the best way to keep in shape

Forget about 10,000 steps is the best way to keep in shape

Recent quarter and not pass, so as not to bury anyone checking how much is left to walk to the coveted 10,000 steps. But is the game worth the candle? And where does this number come from?

You may be surprised, but it came as a result of marketing campaigns of the 1960-ies in Japan. Prior to the Olympic games in Tokyo in 1964, one of the companies started to promote the device for people who care about their physical form.

The device was called the Manpo-Kei, which translated from Japanese means “meter 10,000 steps”. It was one of the first pedometers. It is based on the work of Dr Yoshiro Hatano, a young scientist from Kyushu University.

Dr. Hatano was concerned that along with the fashion to watch the baseball game, the Japanese took over the Americans and their sedentary lifestyle. He decided to help their compatriots become more physically active.

Yoshiro Hatano estimated that if you can convince your Japanese buddies to increase the amount taken during the day with the usual steps four to ten thousand, they will additionally burn about 500 calories and stay slim.

Thus was born the system of “10,000 steps a day.” And it was a great marketing success. But is she still the most effective way to improve your fitness?

“My sport is knitting»

Preparing the program “the truth about weight loss”, I went with Professor Rob Copeland from Sheffield Hallam University to the factory in Sheffield.

We decided to conduct a little experiment and compare the effectiveness of the “10,000 steps” with another program — Active 10.