Named the cheapest country to stay in 2018

Named the cheapest country to stay in 2018

The rating from 10 countries that offer the most affordable two-week vacation in 2018.

Experts of the website to search for tickets estimated projected cost for the two independent travelers who go on vacation for 14 days, staying in a hotel or rented apartment, eat in local cafes and sometimes in restaurants, occasionally use public transport and do not indulge in cheap entertainment.

The cheapest country to travel from Russia was Belarus. Total expenses on a two-week trip for two will be about 76.5 thousand rubles For second place is Moldova, with a budget of 76.8 thousand RUB Closes the three of Abkhazia, 14-day vacation which will cost approximately 84.3 thousand RUB.

Interestingly, holidays in India for the average couple from Russia is about the same — 85 thousand. At the same time Armenia occupies the fifth place with a slight difference in the budget — 85,5 thousand RUB

Also in the top ten were Azerbaijan, Turkey, Nepal, Albania and Hungary. The cost of a two-week trip for two to these countries in 2018 will be from 91 to 99 thousand RUB thousand RUB