In the Czech Republic has withdrawn from circulation Atlas with the Russian Crimea

In the Czech Republic has withdrawn from circulation Atlas with the Russian Crimea

PRAGUE, 31 Jan — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of education of Czech Republic has withdrawn from circulation released in 2017, a school Atlas, in which the Crimea marked as Russian territory, said on Wednesday the press service of the Ministry.

That in the Atlas of Crimea indicated Russian, first drew the attention of TV Prima, and then to the foreign Ministry protested to the ambassadors of Ukraine and Georgia. In addition, in the Atlas were specified unlawful territory “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

“Our Ministry got acquainted with the situation, and then seized the school Atlas from the list of recommended textbooks. Meanwhile, the Ministry is in contact with the publisher in order to as soon as possible, the situation was remedied,” the message reads.

Permission for release of seized now satin was given in the summer of 2017 in accordance with the internal documents of the Ministry based on the recommendations of two reviewers.

Last week in the debate on national TV argued about the status of Crimea, the incumbent Czech President Milos Zeman and then losing him in the second round of the presidential election, George Dragos.

So, Zeman said about the “illegal annexation” of the Peninsula with Russia, noting that in fact the Crimea is Russian. “The fact that he had previously been Russian and was presented (predsovmina the USSR Nikita) Khrushchev to Ukraine is another matter. In fact, the Crimea is Russian, as it relates to Russian jurisdiction,” — said Zeman.

In turn, Dragos stated that, in his opinion, Crimea is Ukrainian. The Czech foreign Ministry does not recognize the occurrence of Crimea in structure of Russia.