Trump the third time was in the nominees for the Nobel peace prize

Trump the third time was in the nominees for the Nobel peace prize

MURMANSK, 31 Jan — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump is the third year in a row gets the number of candidates nominated for the Nobel peace prize, according to the Norwegian newspaper Nettavisen, quoting the Director of the Norwegian Institute of peace studies (PRIO) Henrik Ordalia.

“I can confirm that we received the message about the nomination, and that the tramp was nominated for the award. However, I can’t talk about who was behind his nomination. It is confidential information. I can only say that the initiative belongs to the American”, — quotes the words Nettavisen Ordalia.

Director of the Institute also said that the same person was nominated trump in previous years. According to Ordalia, the American President deserves this award for his commitment to the ideology of “struggle for peace through strength” and other services.

The newspaper reminds that the four previous President of the USA were the winners of the award.

Earlier it was reported that some new candidates, including Russian human rights defenders and activists, as well as ex-intelligence officer USA Edward Snowden nominated for the Nobel peace prize in the last day you can apply.

The names of the prize winners will be announced in October 2018. Traditionally, the lists of nominees are not published, however some of the names get in the press. Typically, the award put forward a few hundred people, the names of those who nominate candidates who traditionally were not disclosed for 50 years.